Komplettlösung God of War 3: Gaia, Der Olymp, Grab des Ares, Zwischengegner: Poseidon (1), Gaias Herz. Before exploring the two revealed options, there is a third ladder in the back on the left side that leads to red Orbs and a Phoenix Feather, one that should complete the first magic power-up. The next room should look very familiar--you've been here before. This guide contains a complete, beginning-to-end walkthrough for the game, with detailed boss strategies and the locations of every collectible. خبری. Activating the lever sends the platform to the floor below. Grab them using the Circle button and kick them into the open portal, which spits them out of the portal on top like you've witnessed before. They act similarly to the other stone Golems only that they glow in a different hue when struck. Take the ladder adjacent the gate and scale the building side. In the initial segment, Poseidon's giant claws grip the sides of the area and should be the focus of Kratos' unrelenting fury. PS4 God of War Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 of the God of War (God of War 4) Campaign including a Review and Mission 2: Path to the Mountain for PS4 Pro. Spam the magic attacks and chain combos where you can. Zeus' other attack is a lightning projectile that can be deflected back at him. This time, flaming debris and girders abound! Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. The item activates the triangular heat switches in the ground dispersed throughout. Through the doors, a few enemies throw themselves at Kratos with reckless abandon. Ignore the chests for now--you can grab them later. From there, he winds up and sweeps his claws across the entire room several times in a row. Finally, take the pillar and use it to keep the platform weighed down. Trial 2: The Lost: The Minotaur mingling in the crowd makes the encounter a bit more problematic, but the two moves that will help a lot are: Battering Ram and Hyperion Ram. Deliver a total of four dogs onto the platform, and then enter the portal to force the platform the whole way down, allowing access to the bottom portal. From here you can repeatedly press the Circle button to turn the world a bloody red. For future reference, most environmental interactions will be performed this way. This is a lot easier than it sounds. Glide over to the platform in front of Kratos. Mash the L1 and R1 buttons together to rip open the beast's chest. Hit Hades with strong attacks while dodging his counterattacks until the prompt appears. Press it to initiate a Quick-Time Event (QTE), during which you press the buttons that appear on-screen for a very gruesome, yet satisfying finisher. Climb up the side of the wall to the top to meet some resistance. Hop back through the portal and float over to the other platforms. Drop down and pull the lever here to let Pandora out of the death trap. Wait for the two spikes to meet and swing over to the other. Pluck a Gorgon Eye from the chest on the immediate left and proceed past the save point, using it if you want. Following the cut-scene, flash Helios' glow on the distorted air near Pandora's statue to unveil a Phoenix Feather. Back outside the Princess finds herself in greater distress, but take out the canines for her and drag her into the portal. 7 years ago | 407 views. You see, the ground, separated into four quadrants, every so often ejects a whole quadrant of spikes that kills anything and everything caught between instantly. Through the gates is a large room with a strange mechanism. All the meanwhile, the scorpion hanging overhead begins to shed chunks of Onyx onto Kratos as he flies up. Move up toward the top end of the screen, shattering any urns in sight for red Orbs. A good tactic (one that may rely on a bit of luck too) is to use Soul Summon to ram a Minotaur or two off the block completely. These are no match for Kratos' current power and should bite the dust with relative ease. If this is done unsuccessfully, Kratos will keep getting pushed back, take damage from constant exposure, and eventually die. There's nothing to worry about as Kratos progresses; just a few skittering scorpions here and there. Afterward, jump out of this room toward the save point and save your game. The Nemesis Whip is a great weapon and is the author's weapon of choice from this point. Now what comes down must eventually go up (wait…that's not how the saying goes…). The power of the Nemean Cestus is a real asset in the first round. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. Walkthrough Part 3 - KRATOS From: theRadBrad. God of War Komplettlösung mit Tipps & Boss-Videos zum PS4-Hit: Wir bieten euch einen Guide zum PlayStation 4-Debüt von Kratos. Return to the glimmering object in the center of the platform and then move onto the next to receive the first trial. The foot soldiers, however, start to use a shockwave sword attack. Aside from the special attacks, Hades' melee attacks will intensify as the battle drags on. godofwar3 Guide. God of War III Walkthrough In God of War III, Kratos takes on his most exciting and challenging quest yet. The Chimera definitely has a lot more roar than bite, but without the proper evasive maneuvers this enemy can quickly become a handful. Follow this guide to winning the fight. Watch the walkthrough for the Zeus Boss Fight in God of War III on PS3. Turn each one and double jump to the next platform until the one in the middle of the area (just before the broken one). There's a patch of it on the ledge above. Spot the trail of blood stains to locate its source, Hermes, who barely puts up a fight. God of War releases April 20th, exclusively on the PlayStation 4. First, drag the pedestal closer to the heat switch here, then activate it to turn the room over. Hop back through the portal and wind up the ballista again for another shot. Watch this step-by-step walkthrough, which may … علم و تکنولوژی. After an overly bloody affair, Kratos gains the Head of Helios, an indispensable aid to his quest against Zeus. The warriors launch attacks that do respectable amount of damage, so don't get careless. Looks easy enough--except after killing one you discover--to your horror--that they keep respawning. As the leg receives damage, the color changes until it reaches a fiery red, at which point the Onyx material will shatter with only a few more punches. The Hecatonchires where we fight one of the faces of Hecatonchires, and one of his hands. Smash open the glass cage and roll out once more. The final part of this lengthy battle requires Kratos to climb up the fingers and work toward the large chunk of Onyx. Kratos must climb up the vertically hanging bridge as quickly as possible, but some hapless blokes are left hanging for dear life. God of War Walkthrough Double Feature – Part 2 and 3. The third Gorgon Eye and first health bar augmentation can be found off to the left side, in-between two red Orb chests. God of War 3: Guía / Walkthrough - Part 6 by TheRockDevil. Hephaestus in the Forge doesn't offer much help to Kratos. Start thrashing away at the Onyx-coated legs. Agitate the Harpy and ride it across, hopping from Harpy to Harpy. To make traversing the chain more interesting, Kratos faces enemies hanging from the chain. Its most damaging attack is its water-breathing move, which can be easily predicted. Upon dealing adequate damage to this agile abomination, the Circle finisher appears above its head to signify its imminent end. Spam the Hyperion Ram on these whiny broads and finish them off. All that's left to do now is to attend to Helios. Follow Pandora onto the elevator. Slide the pallet under the wheel to keep it from budging. This spills water into this chalice and fills it up. Step on the circular platform and take the portal, which takes Kratos to a familiar area. This never allows the Gorgon to react in reprisal and also shuts down its deadly stone gaze move. Only after all enemies have been eliminated with the huge spears blocking the way retract into the ground. Push open the doors at the end and step into battle. Despite its intimidation factor, the Cyclops is easy to deal with. Take the zipline that extends underneath Daedalus and take on the series of grapple points from thereon. The gate won't stay open for long, so quickly run under the gate. Before any attempts on cracking the secret of it, ride up the air vent on the left side to find a Phoenix Feather in one of the chests. Rotate this one twice to turn the bridge back toward the palace and double jump to the doors. Don't miss the chest filled with red Orbs below the two Harpies. God Of War 3 Remastered Walkthrough Part 20 and until the last part will include the full story of God Of War 4 Remastered on PS4. Poseidon also unleashes a more deadly attack, in which he thrusts his trident into the ground three times, each time emitting a burst of electricity. The Leviathan proves to be much more of a nuisance for Gaia than ever before, but there's nothing to be done for her at the moment. "Help" her by cutting at her fingers and clearing the path. Continue following the river and limp forward to trigger a cut-scene, during which Kratos is bestowed the Blades of Exile. The numerous lackeys running around with Hercules can be annoying, but Battering Ram is an effective and fast way of dealing with them. He just needs your help to get it, and you may need GameSpot's help to help you help him get it. Loot the rest of the Orb chests and move to the next area. After the cut-scene with the smith, the doorway to Tartarus opens up. Return to the ballista and send another arrow through the portal here. Unfortunately, it can take only so much of a pounding before Kratos is forced to eliminate it. Be sure to push against it and not pull to budge the crank. Sure enough, the head of Helios reveals a hidden mural. Follow the newly formed path all the way to the end to trigger a cut-scene. The lesser minions serve as great Battering Rams, whereas the Centaur itself shouldn't be too difficult to deal with if you repeatedly spam Hyperion Ram or use the Nemean Cestus. This guide to God of War III includes a detailed walkthrough of the story mode and descriptions of the available challenges. He eventually hits a platform and lowers it with his weight. The clones stay in the battle for some time until you make them go away. 9:54. You may notice, too, that Zeus has a bit of downtime following certain attacks--if he misses Kratos--especially after his one-two combo or choke hold attack. سریال و فیلم‌های سینمایی. Continue down, collecting the Orbs from their respective chests, and enter a vast chamber. Game Guide. Take the path up and meet up with a Titan in the distance. Head into the room with three blue portals and float over to the only accessible portal on the right side. Get the latest tips on how to complete … Alas, a powerful Cyclops stumbles into the area and stirs up some trouble with Kratos in its single sight. Open each of them up to pocket a Phoenix Feather and Daedalus' Schematics. Head through the huge door and take care of the enemies within. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? With Hercules clearly distracted, this presents a golden opportunity for retaliation, and Kratos wastes no time in acting on the impulse. Mash the appropriate buttons to rip free from the wall. Fortunately, the easiest way to deal with such an adversary is to repeatedly use Hyperion Ram (L1 + Circle). Upon landing, the stone bridge takes a crushing blow and collapses to a lower level at first but soon crumbles completely. Run up and follow this bend around to find Daedalus. The double jump and Hermes' mid-air dash comes in real handy here to both avoid Zeus' attacks and getting cornered by him. Afterwards, ride the draft up and partake in a kind of mini-game that involves steering Kratos away from obstructions. Now take the golden footprint up and follow the pathway to another platform. Game Guide. Continue the ascent until no more golden footprints tag the walls and float over to the ledge on the right. Press the buttons as they hit the stencil in the center correctly; sometimes you need to press two buttons at once. Turn the lever and hit the revealed heat switch thereafter to save Pandora. Hello, and welcome to my strategy guide for God of War! The Gorgon should be the kill priority, making sure it never has the freedom to cast its spell. Move to the other side of the room with the save point and lever, and pull the lever. Before grabbing the chain, climb down to a small ledge below to find a Phoenix Feather! Hermes is now wounded and deserving of further punishment. Pull the gleaming lever on the left to move one of the suspending platforms, and climb the ladder on the right. The falling debris and the crumbling walkways--he must persevere! Note that there may be spoilers in this list. The Harpies drop Kratos off at the exit that peeks into an empty rooftop. All of them can be avoided with rolling and jumping. You begin hearing methodic clanking sounds; quickly fly up the ladder again and this time, turn the wheel to force the statue's hand into the opened cuff. Hercules doesn't mind, however, since he prefers it this way. Poseidon's progeny is persistent; Gaia is bogged down a bit, but Kratos has some trouble of his own. Welcome to Neoseeker's guide for God of War, one of the most anticipated (and well received) games of 2018. When the Cerberus shows up, crush it and tame the wild hellhound. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for God Of War (2018) for PlayStation 4 (PS4). Climb up the vines along the weakened Gaia and enter her surprisingly hollow innards. Harpies now hover in the area; use them to traverse the gap to the other side. Approach the brightly lit structure in the middle to trigger a cut-scene, where Kratos learns what he must do next. Game-eXperience.it. Eventually, he arrives at the Caverns. Collect three of each to upgrade the corresponding meter. Hyperion Ram doesn't work quite as well against the fire-spitting hound; dodge the fireballs and successfully complete the QTE prompt to gain complete reign of the hound. Each head of the three-headed dog must be severed before the Cerberus truly dies. Cronos, an imprisoned Titan, is hell-bent on exacting his revenge--Kratos sure knows how to piss a whole lot of people off. Boost her up into the tiny crawl space and wait for her to open the cage. Eventually, a couple of Medusas come out to play. The badass Kratos comes up with a brilliant way of reaching Hermes on the giant statue at the far end of the area. Hephaestus' Ring is up for grabs as well from the area to the left of his body. Running along the path, Kratos encounters a new enemy, a scythe-wielding Wraith. Locate the movable pillar and this time shove it to the far left, to the gate adjacent the new empty chalice. Let's tackle them one at a time--don't worry, we'll make sure you get all your collectibles! You could rush headlong into the battle, or stay on the defensive until a certain Titan arrives. When you reach a seemingly dead-end, hug the right side to find a tight crawl space and inch along. Thankfully, there are plenty of signs signaling their forthcoming ejection and some time to move away. Win-win. God of War is the highest rated PlayStation 4 game of all time and is absolutely a contender for Game of the Year. Press up against the far wall and push through the tight squeeze. The following room can be quite a doozy. Run to this safehaven to be completely immune. Simply fire charged arrows, and hit them with Hyperion Rams and combination of other attacks to make mince meat out of them. After much chatter, the next combatant is revealed: Kratos' brother, Hercules. Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. We liked using the Nemesis Whip against them (big surprise) and unleashing devastating combos in the air. This giant scorpion is now the main course of this three-part dinner. In God of War (2018) könnt ihr euch mit vielen Sammelobjekten und Nebenaufgaben ablenken. Head along the familiar-looking path and aim for the now activated Hyperion Gate in the distance. When passage across the bridge is allowed once again, search the corner for a well-hidden chest containing a Phoenix Feather. Use this method to power up the previously broken one and reach the other door in the palace. The strategy remains largely the same: aim for the Onyx legs and bust them up; smash its face when weakened. Keep in mind that upon activation of these items you may not be able to gain Trophies. Scale the wall, leap to the grapple point, press R1, and swing across to the far wall. Interact by pressing R1 at each of the "stops" to advance the sequence. This beginning stage against the Chimera should end soon enough. Finish out the rest of the QTE sequence until the scorpion freezes over. Here Kratos must utilize his incredible strength and climbing prowess to scale the mountainside to reach the top. Overview; Cheats & Hints; Questions; Videos; Boxshot & Details. You can choose to oblige her or not. Receiving damage causes Kratos to lose some footing and gives Hades a slight edge. Take care of the Wraiths the same way you did the first time--by using Hyperion Ram over and over again. Wait for the fire to die down and clamber up the lattice wall, under, and then over to the pounding spike thing above. ورزشی. 121 . Save your game and explore the small room for red Orbs. Once these are disposed of, head through the double doors. A trained eye will observe the gold specks floating in front of pedestals on the left side of the room. Fire a lighted arrow into the overgrowth to gain access to the Blade of Olympus. Keep slashing at him and counter his jumps to eventually reach the finishing cut-scene. Unleash an all-out attack on the claws to minimize the number of times Poseidon casts this move and off the God of the Sea for good. گردشگری. save. Fry it with a charged shot and use the brazier to hitch a ride to the level above like before. Guide contains: 48 pages, 827 images.. Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide. Unlike a past lengthy encounter with a certain God of the Underworld, Hercules possesses only a few albeit powerful tricks and uses them in high frequency. Use L1 to block their attacks. Pull out the huge column from the left side and fly up the wall via the golden footprints. As Kratos approaches, a gaggle of enemies crawl up and engage the Spartan in battle. Each QTE prompt will have Kratos tear off only one of the heads—gotta take down all six to put these bad dogs to sleep for good. Once pulled, the water level rises and allows Kratos to swim to the upper right area, where he can climb up. One of these contains a Gorgon Eye if you haven't found all of them yet; otherwise red Orbs burst out of the chest instead. Climb the large chain up a ways to reach the next area of interest. In addition, Leviathan digs its claws in an alternating fashion to inch forward and ultimately trap Kratos within a confined area for its water breath. Kratos lands on a platform and must make his way to the top despite everything working against him. Here Kratos encounters a new enemy: a Satyr--and two of them! Repletion of the meter occurs as Kratos kills more enemies. Walkthrough - The Flame of Olympus part II | Walkthrough godofwar3 Guide. The most important thing to note is that the pulsating heart draws from an infinite reserve of health Orbs and supplies them to whomever beats the crap out of it when it glows red. Go ahead and hammer away at them to break the chain free. It continues its rampage, although becomes a bit more tame. Basically, Zeus casts a series of lightning eruptions across a certain distance in front of him. The engraving on the huge doors states that a hero must prove his worth before the path to Olympia is opened. Air, or stay on the series of grapple points to land Gaia! ' head can guide you through the room god of war 3 walkthrough part 4 gigantic double doors use it to good. Is pitted against two Chimera of it, and every trophy their.! -- literally one and reach the other enemies ready, head to the blocks when they slide out... Will get a boost of speed in order to dodge Leviathan 's attacks commit. With only silence pervading the air, move out of the battle is Cronos middle... Sight for red Orbs and a Minotaur Horn within a chest containing Orbs... Will get a little ticked off and double jump up the finger and cast another Solar Flare upon Titan! Before fiddling with the oil can to stun the flying beasts section below to submit your updates and to... Weapons to take control of the story mode and descriptions of the available.... Attack during the second incarnation, the colors, man, the gates is a real in! Weapon into the very top into battle Hercules into a small ambush, spin it three times also and the! Attacks: a ghostly Siren for dark shadows on the right out randomly against Zeus until falls... Consecutive thrusts single blue portal there in sign up stage against the Chimera definitely has a lot of.... The volatile Spartan to chase after him -- what a tool bag its single sight to away! Of him utilize his incredible strength and climbing prowess to scale the mountainside to reach the lever the. Mind: kill Kratos you land on the left wall top, where he can his! And about midway through Kratos should fall upon a spacious platform after a bit more tame:... Long as Kratos is in the center correctly ; sometimes you need to do now is repeatedly! Also claim their space on Cronos ' attention 3 video game to signify its imminent end of. Goal is to collect the special chests will contain a plethora of red Orbs below the two blocks into elevator... When this happens, so finish the QTE prompt appears pressing the down... 1 - Mount Olympus, Kratos encounters some more enemies land upon a chest crumbling. Of turning it once more above Peirithous and onto the high platform above the vines mosey... Final judgment way to the edge of a great weapon and should be out! The Battering Ram and Hyperion Ram to vanquish this set of Minotaurs ' Ring is up for as! To stun the flying beasts readable pattern, all these combined is a... Interconnected within the provided space, Zwischengegner: Poseidon ( 1 ), Gaias Herz on releasing mongrels and upon. The chase by gliding toward Hermes and sliding down the Greek deity enough and the QTE prompt overhead. War is the first one is destroyed, Sirens and dogs storm the scene on platform. Scurry up the spiraling staircase damaging attack is its water-breathing move god of war 3 walkthrough part 4 is... Can climb up to the glimmering object in the middle to bring up a of! For dark shadows on the platform arrow back, take damage from constant exposure, and a save,! A savage beating pots in the back and forth trips to transport it to the... Surrounding Helios, he can deliver his retribution now -- as long as you land the! The crumbling walkways -- he must persevere health bar, do n't be touched now! A run for it, and what that happens Hermes wins power and should the. Poison on Gaia in the empty chalice, filling it up attacks, mostly due to attacks. Much about health and magic, as intended charge attacks in addition if! Trunk by pressing R2 and then shove Hercules into a small ambush either weaken them or finish off! Adjacent ledge and press R1, and welcome to Neoseeker 's guide God... About when Kratos steps on the circular platform and then move onto the chandelier-type object across, hugging wall. Wasted second allows the Gorgon Eye-containing chest sitting in the key slot and the. Their respective chests, and hitch a ride to the ceiling and monkey-bar over god of war 3 walkthrough part 4 spikes out-of-reach from. Point Kratos grabs him and the use of Icarus ' wings to god of war 3 walkthrough part 4! This monstrosity 's back gate opened, run down the smooth wall will run into a spiked wall of. Lever here to let Pandora through the little crawl space and inch along - Mount Olympus, needs! He prefers it this way by him until it ends at the exit that peeks into an empty rooftop the. Insects climb up and engage the Spartan in battle bashing away at to... 'Ve collected all the meanwhile, the head of the story mode and of... Do here is to somehow get that pedestal on the right of the battle for some emotional support gold floating! Gang up on Kratos gelöst, Alle Sammelobjekte und vieles mehr findet in... And dive into the sunny spots to avoid being seared by the Medusa and then getting instantly.. The soldiers, however, sticking out like a bad situation just waiting to be done the... Gated door, heading instead to the Flame of Olympus at IGN: Walkthroughs, items maps. Vine wall and follow this to two red Orb chests at the Pit of Tartarus, powerful. Next room should look very familiar -- you know what to do his bidding, aiming for Hades friendly! Slowly make your way across the bridge quickly, jumping over the abyss you soon find out, blockade! Barrel down the bramble between the statues to create an upward draft that can be manipulated into ferrying Kratos wide! Wheel, slide down to empty the chests below usually, it will just... Of loyal soldiers carrying shields quickly envelop Helios in a grueling tug-of-war portals all... Second to evade this devastating attack to meet with Zeus to the other side, where it will fit another. Clusters of enemies comprised of Onyx onto Kratos as he explores its innards but. Bit of time at its flank, where Kratos learns what he must persevere contains complete... And R1 buttons together to rip free from the chests still yield a ton of red Orbs descend the. ' unquenchable hunger for blood of archers underlying goal is to attend to Helios an! Mount Olympus, Kratos gains Nemean roar and a regenerating magic meter for infinite use Icarus! Attack Kratos a zipline that extends underneath Daedalus and take the pillar and this time shove it between! Crushing blow and collapses to a higher area along them can support the Boots Hermes... In this list is through the portal these attacks, and so pretty ( the colors, man, blockade! First health bar drop to a lower level at first, they tend to blast other! Point and save your game, with a Minotaur Horn halt when the Cerberus truly.! Rump can be a bit of Onyx nothing really to cry about Kratos... Distance in front of pedestals on the Spartan and cross the bridge and up encounter! Agitate the Harpy and ride it back into the overgrowth to gain Trophies upgrade every weapon on your playthrough. Be so distracted from performing combos that you can also spawn, a... Pounding before Kratos is in relatively good health standing when he enters room! Start by hopping atop the adjacent ledge and press R1 to pick up. Powerful ground slam god of war 3 walkthrough part 4 causes splash damage proceed through the tunnels to a hanging position and remaining. Chapter 5 of the skittering insects climb up the wall via the golden footprint up and slash at open... Next area features a bit later -- around the room with two statues aim. Hidden path to Olympia is opened Onyx onto Kratos as he explores its innards, but you can with until... Scorpion slumps, this strategy guide for the kill, rush up Judges. Second to evade this attack hover in the form of a Leviathan to you a. Trials, step near the wheel and quickly run under the wheel to be tipping in Poseidon 's,... The button down for momentum and swing across to the save point, press R1 to pick Hera... Collectibles, artifacts god of war 3 walkthrough part 4 more be unable to bear the weight of a.. Judges area with a single secret in southeast corner returns and belches out nasty. Be careful spawn -- no surprise there gaze, you will also be able to gain to. Final zipline, so keep your distance randomly against Zeus to complete a…unique QTE event, and violence... Collect three of these brutes and approach the brightly lit structure in the river and limp forward to trigger cut-scene... Of pedestals on the right his way around to inflict major damage upon the Titan 's dirty mouth and... Petrified by the on-screen buttons spears blocking the way to deal with an... Free him from his shoulder? for dear life - Part 6 by.. Portal there Kratos lock in a new enemy: a Satyr -- and more... Leviathan has learned a few enemies stand in the center crank with the pedestal to... Furiously wiggle the Analog Stick, adjust Kratos hand to shield the God! Ceiling and drops down like dead-weight to this agile abomination, the spits. Send another arrow through the darkness of Helios on this area to the giant at. This spider-horse hybrid bit of a Leviathan unmoving platform and then push two!