It is how your user can get from point A to … A slightly different approach with the menu fading into view to the right of the … Using bottom navigation Before you can use the Material bottom navigation, you need to add a dependency to the Material Components for Android library. − Create a new project in Android Studio, go to File ⇒ New Project and fill all required details to … Sets the android:maxLines attribute of the text view in the menu item. Navigation design is the discipline of creating, analyzing and implementing ways for users to navigate through a website or app. Inflate a menu resource into this navigation view. Andculture. Set the text color to be used on our menu items. the awesome menu screen is ready. Then we put an ImageView inside the root RelativeLayout but outside the LinearLayout. So let’s look at what we are building today. Android Navigation Drawer Android Navigation Drawer is a sliding left menu that is used to display the important links in the application. Returns the Menu instance associated with this navigation view. Sidebar static navigation. The classic navigation menu design Google’s Material Design uses a “floating action button” to define this navigation. With more than 5 fields each they’d risk affecting the menu’s optimal touch-target size, and they should definitely avoid these so-called carousel navigation options. Figure 3. The NavigationView essentially consists of two major components: HeaderView: This View is typically displayed at the top of the Navigation Drawer.It essentially holds the profile picture, name email address and a background cover pic. Are you bored of using the conventional navigation drawer that android-studio provides? Sets the size to be used for the menu item icons in pixels. We put any View with weight 1 (occupying half of the space) inside the LinearLayout with the green background color. background set to items and it's styling. public The basic setup is pretty straightforward, you add a DrawerLayout and NavigationViewto your main layout resource: [xml]